What we do

We organise and cultivate frequent get-togethers for our members, do studies on the history of the corps and previous regiments,
hold shooting competitions and do march-outs in historical uniforms at different occasions of
the Austrians army, for communities or private organisers.At request, our corps will be accompanied by a marching
band in traditional historic uniforms, named ‘Musikzug des Deutschmeister Schützenkorps’(Music Platoon of the DMSK).

Furthermore, we are very proud to be invited by different associations to compete in national and international military contests.
We are keeping frequent contact with the federal Armed Forces of Austria, in particular with Vienna’s Battalion of riflemen
Nr.1‘Hoch und Deutschmeister’ that can be brought in direkt with the tradition of our corps.

Our philosophy

Team spirit, peaceful living together,as well as love and loyalty to our homeland.
We tend the tradition of the bygone k.u.k.Army. The corps is all-party oriented Only at special arrangements 
attend our honoray ladies of the corps-(suited in traditional clothes of the turn from the 18th to the 19th century.) 

Who we are

The ’Deutschmeister-Schützenkorps’(DMSK) was founded in 1897 to support the Wiener Hausregiment (Vienna House Regiment) of the
Hoch und Deutschmeister. In 1899 the corps was adopted by archduke Eugene of the House of Habsburg-Lothringen, Hochmeister
of the Teutonic Knights and regiment holder of the ‘Hoch und Deutschmeister’
An imperatorial abatement in 1911 allowed the corps to carry the Monarchy’s double eagle 
on their Flag. In 1914 the DMSK was  mobilised and transformed into landsturm regiment.

After the First World War in 1918, the corps was dissolved, as was the imperial army, but continued as a private society
After the spreading into different associations under similar names, it was 1988 possible to unite the societies of ‘Altes Deutschmeister
Schützenkorps’ and the ‘Deutschmeister Schützenkorps’ under the original name ‚Deutschmeister Schützenkorps’